The characters

YCO portrait resized The Young Chosen One (YCO)
A teenager minding his own business got a wake-up call. A dark figure appeared and summoned him to the Contratainment Realm, without a clue.The young and naïve contra-hero-to-be starts his adventurous  journey as an apprentice in the different contra-hero skills. First he must prove his mettle in a series of 12 trials…
 Nozewhite portrait resized Nozewhite
An obstinate, insurgent  inhabitant of the Contratainment Realm, who volunteered to guide the Young Chosen One on his quests.She will enjoy her apples, but polishes them very shiny before consuming them. She also enjoys other tidbits…
 Chauns portrait resized The Chauns
In a tiny cottage, near the edge of a dark forest, the Chauns worship their mistress Nozewhite. They keep the house for her and bring her offers. In their spare time, they are forced into slave labour at the Keldagrim Mining Company.Shinies need to be stored on the top shelf or the Chauns will find them!
 Unknown portrait The Board
The Leaders of the Contratainment Realm make sure that everything proceeds smoothly in their Realm. They are looking for fresh blood to increase the potential of the Contratainment population.
 Hooded Guard portrait resized The Masked Guard
An emotionless jack-of-all-trades and valet of the Board. He will always be seen with his co-traveler ‘The Eye’
EYE portrait resized The Eye
The visualization and messenger of the Board in the Contratainment Realm.It is terror-stricken  to cross the path of quickly moving flies and bees.
 Unknown portrait Contra-heroes
During his travels in the Contratainment Realm, the Young Chosen One encounters a multitude of “heroic” figures. They are a bunch of inhabitants of the Contratainment Realm, all suffering severe issues and coping with them on their own specific Contra-way.
 Lassy Lazy Lassy
Just a dog.


The creators

Doc portrait Doc
From his inner self, Doc uses the Force to create a pièce de résistance with a few strokes from his pencil and bring sagacity to the readers. His creativeness towards visualization of Morgan’s gibberish and eye for detail is unmatched, and results in a sight for the readers sore eyes.In the process of creation, he can accidently launch a minor droplet of ink, that usually finds a way directly towards his trousers.
Morgan portrait resized Morgan
Everything you read on this website finds his origin somewhere in the depths of the twisted mind of this person. Luckily for you his brilliance is highly contagious and he managed to convince Doc to actually visualize all of this.From time to time, he has to leave on a mission, since he also stars as the main character in the Half-Life series of games. Since this is a secret, please don’t tell anyone.



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